Empower Your Sales with rapidorder

Digitize Your Ordering Processes and Reach More Customers




Your custom App

  • Increase your sales and empower your customer
  • Easy to use & designed in your CI to the point
  • It’s your additional sales channel that integrates seamlessly

Simplify and digitize your customers’ ordering processes

  • Increase your sales – your customers can place orders where their products are needed
  • No special hardware required – Use regular Android & iOS devices
  • Optimized for use in warehouses, production facilities or on construction sites under challenging conditions

All barcodes lead to your products

  • Link any EAN & product numbers of your competitors to articles in your shop
  • Enable your customers to request new items to extend your portfolio
  • Create your own QR codes with logo
  • Let your customers associate their own barcodes with your items

Digital purchasing and Internet of Things

  • Offer your customers digital approval processes and support their digitization
  • Deliver on target and enable your customers to optimize handling of incoming goods
  • Modern interfaces (API) enable secure orders of your portfolio (M2M / IoT)

Additional value for your customers with rapidorderApp

The rapidorderApp is your custom native application for Android and iOS mobile devices with easiest handling: scan barcode, confirm order quantity and place order. Our app is optimized for use in warehouses and production facilities under challenging conditions.

Increase your sales with an extended range of services that your customers love.

Whatever your customers are looking for leads to you: Your customers can scan any product label. Create your own QR codes with your logo or link any EAN/UPC/ISBN. Your customers can also link their own storage barcodes to your products. During enrollment we make sure all standard codes are linked to your product portfolio.

(Re-)orders can be placed quickly & easily from anywhere and ensure that your delivery arrives where your customer needs it (project, internal customer, etc.).

The modern background system also provides interfaces for automated & fully digital ordering (M2M/IoT).

Why do you choose the rapidorderApp?

Your Brand – Your App

Our 100% White Label App is no standard but your vcard in leading app stores.

Adapt the app to your customer needs

Chatbot, help desk, FAQ & more can be expanded flexibly.

Native App

A native app for iOS & Android gives your customers the familiar functionality to access your new sales channel.

Flexible integration

Integrate our app into your existing e-commerce solution: Process app orders without additional effort.

Your app always stays up to date

Good news. We ensure continuous updates & adjustments to new operating system versions. Your app keeps running.



rapidorderApp (iOS & Android)

Admin-Cockpit (WebAPP)

E-Commerce Systemunterstützung

Magento, Shopware, Shopify

Weitere Systeme auf Anfrage

Optionale Zusatzmodule

Flexible Erweiterung nach individellem Bedarf 

Bis zu 500 Installationen


Anpassung auf Ihr Design

Anbindung an Ihren Webshop

Veröffentlichung in den Appstores

einmalig € 5.999


Alle Starter Features, plus:



Optionale Zusatzmodule

Flexible Erweiterung nach individellem Bedarf 

Unbegrenzte Nutzer


Anpassung auf Ihr Design

Anbindung an Ihren Webshop

Veröffentlichung in den Appstores

einmalig € 5.999


Alle Professional Features, plus:

EAN Branchenkatalog

IOT/M2M Bestellung


Push Nachrichten

Customer Service Chat / Kundenhelpdesk

Extended Service 24/7Konfiguration der Full-Edition-Module

Erstellung Ihres individuellen Rechtemodells

Setup unseres 24/7 Service Teams

einmalig € 12.999

Why do we work together?

We are the local full-service IT partner for you & medium-sized companies.

We live digitization & create your digital transformation with innovative products and suitable solutions for your e-commerce.

Our worldwide distributed team works according to German quality standards at competitive prices.

We bring our many years of experience from large companies to your IT project with our rapiddweller Solutions.

We love to go the next digitization steps together with our customers .

We do more for you!

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